Kati and DownCloud's kennel

My name is Kati Tikka and I live in Pälkäne with my husband, and our two daughters and two american cockerspaniels.

My hobby and love for dogs started in 1997 when I bought my first cotton de tulear female. That white and lovely little dog was my dream come true. Cotton de tulears belonged to our family the following 13 years and I raised three litters. My breeder name is DownCloud's and it's purpose is to describe white cotton clouds in the blue sky.

I've always loved beautifull dogs in the long fur. My hope had been for along time my own american cockerspaniel and this dream came true 2010.

Our first american cockerspaniel moved to live with us 2010.  Her name is Little Life One Secret Love aka Mindy and she is now 8,5 years old. Mindy's first and only litter was born her breeder Outi heikkinen to Little Life kennel.

Our second female Truly Yours Queen Of Samba aka Macy moved to Finland from the Danish Truly Your's kennel 2012. I'm very gratefull to the Macy's breeder Charlotte Hansen that she gave us that lovely and pretty little princess. And I hope that one day we will be the  first american cockerspaniel litter and cute puppies...

I'm member of Finnish Kennel Club and Finnish American Cockerspaniel Club.